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Why waste time sorting through spreadsheets and inboxes?

It’s time to leave old methods in the past. Kiku’s simple design gives you the power to approve, decline, and discuss time off requests from right within Slack.

Kiku features include:

Time off management made easy

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    Time Off Management

    Manage team absences by approving, declining, or discussing time off requests right within Slack

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    Multi-User Views

    Utilize multiple user views, including Admin, Team Manager, and User View, each tailored to your work needs.

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    Company Holidays

    Enjoy the ease of integrating national holidays into your company's calendar, and the flexibility of customizing it to keep your team informed.

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    Timely Notifications

    Receive daily and weekly notifications about upcoming time off, events and important announcements to keep everyone in the loop.

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    Advanced Search Filters

    Quickly filter time off requests based on users, status, team, dates and more to find exactly what you need in seconds.

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    Team Creation & Management

    Empower team leads and managers with the ability to review and approve requests for their respective teams.

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    Birthday & Work Anniversary Reminders

    Celebrate special events with your team with reminders for birthdays and workaversaries.

Keep your team in the loop: anytime, anywhere

View a complete list of requests to make informed decisions about accepting time off. Sit back and relax as Kiku automatically updates the team member about changes to the statuses of their request, removing the need for back-and-forth messaging.

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Celebrate your biggest asset — your team

Foster a sense of community with birthdays and work anniversaries. Kiku allows team members to view upcoming celebrations and offers a space to connect and share congratulations.

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Enjoy seamless communication with Slack integration

All Kiku features are available right within Slack. Get rid of multiple tools and tabs to streamline team collaboration and time off management.

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Start simplifying your time off management with a 14-day free trial

Discover which option works best for you.

Prices are per user in USD. Taxes applicable based on location/country.

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per month


Excellent for organizing time off for small teams.

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    30time off requests/month for the workspace

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    Approve, decline & discuss time off

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Excellent for organizing time off for larger teams, or more than one team.

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    Unlimited time off requests

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    Approve, decline & discuss time off

Wondering how Kiku works?

Learn everything you need to know about Kiku, from reviewing time off requests to creating company announcements.

Get started with streamlined time off management today

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Here at @Assist, we have been using a people-first approach for not only our technologies but also for our workplace environment since 2006. Kiku is a result of solving our problem of managing a completely remote global team. Kiku brings our team closer with its simple yet essential features.

Audrey Charles, Founder of @Assist Kiku

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